About us

About Kettlebell Sport

Kettlebell sport originates from Russia. These days it's grown very popular in the rest of the world and the number of athletes grows every day. In competition athletes perform the snatch, clean and/or jerk as many times as possible during a 10 minute time frame. In the Netherlands the sport is regulated and promoted by the KSBN. You can follow all developments concerning the sport in the Netherlands by either following the facebook page or the KSBN website.

About the Jaap’s Gym
Kettlebell Open

This competition was born out of the need to promote the kettlebell sport in the Netherlands. The first Jaap's Gym Kettlebell Open was in 2014. Since people were enthusiastic we have since repeated the event every spring. We try to make it a little better each year and hope to be able to do so for many years to come!

Since 2016 all performances at our competition are also in honour of our friend and mentor Richard de Jonge, whom suddenly passed away at the end of 2015. Richard has done enormous amounts of work to promote the growth and development of the sport in the Netherlands. We hope that he would be delighted to see how far it's come since. That is why we give a special award to the most inspiring performance of the year in his name.

About Jaap’s Gym

Jaap's Gym is a sport centre in Oldenzaal. We offer many forms of training and always focus on the quality of- and the pleasure in- movement. Co-owner Naomi Kooiker fell in love with the kettlebell sport in 2011 en has since helped promote it's growth in the Netherlands. These days the Jaap's Gym Kettlebell Sport team has grown in size and seriousness. There is a closeness and enthusiasm that comes from training for this sport together that we wish to share with everyone! Many members of Jaap's Gym will be helping out with the competition by judging, cooking, building platforms and of course welcoming all of our guests!