2nd of april 2023, 10:00 - 16:30

Jaap's Gym Kettlebell Open

The biggest OPEN competition in the Netherlands. Accessible
for beginning lifters and a battle between the best athletes
from the area. A weekend filled with inspiration and challenge!
Will you be there?!

A competition for beginning and advanced athletes

The Jaap’s Gym Kettlebell Open is a competition accessible to beginners and advanced athletes. Beginners have the option to control the difficulty by picking their own kettlebell weight. Every kettlebell in steps of 2kg! We have special prizes for the best beginners ánd every year there is the opportunity to learn from some of the best international kettlebell sport trainers.
For advanced athletes there is the competitive challenge of ending up on top of the podium. It's also possible to qualify for the dutch nationals and for international competition. Allow yourself to be inspired by top athletes and work on your technique by learning from the best trainers!

Events, winners and prizes

To promote equality in the sport we have chosen to host the same events for men and women. Everyone can choose between biathlon, longcycle or snatch-only! You can also choose wether to use 1 or 2 kettlebells.
The winner will be decided using the Koehorst-formula. Your bodyweight, the weight of the kettlebell, wether you used 1 or 2 bells and the number of repetitions will be used to decide your score. We also have prizes for the best newcomers (women <14kg and men <20kg) and we will award the "Richard de Jonge" prize to this years most inspiring athlete.

Food & fascilities

Just like previous years there will be an absolutely mouthwatering lunch service by Servet Sezgin. She will keep all possible diet modifications in mind and make sure everyone has many options to choose from. Of course we will also serve just coffee and tea!

There is a space for changing your clothes, however we do not have showers. However, two streets over there is a great spa that will allow you to use their facilities for an hour for just 4 euros.

10 Minutes, without putting the kettlebells down.
Do you accept the challenge?

Our event is, and will always be, free for spectators!
Competing in one event costs 25 euro's, a second event will be 12,50 euro's.
Registrations goes through this website. Need some help? Just shoot us a message!

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What is kettlebell sport?

Kettlebell sport is a unique combination of strength and endurance. To last 10 minutes you don't just need excellent endurance, but also the right technique to spare your strength and grip as much as possible. After six or seven minutes you'll be so tired all you want to do is put the bells down, to push through that is a real accomplishment!

  • Strength

    You need to be able to stabilise the weight overhead.

  • Endurance

    A ten minute sprint, without breaks!

  • Grip

    You can only switch hands once, a real challenge for your grip!

  • Technique

    This is what makes the difference between beginners and advanced athletes.

  • Mental endurance

    Lasting the ten minutes is a real challenge.

We are very grateful for our sponsors!